Previously Assigned Deadlines

Look forward to these presentations that were assigned for March 3rd, or submit your own!

  • Live Hot Dog Piano performed live and projection mapped on hot dog restaurant by Joel Ruby
  • Bird Prison game in Godot.
  • Discovering the teachings of Ram Dass in Roblox by Becky Frass.
  • Documentary about how to connect to people via AI Chris Collins.
  • Discord powered collaborative instrument by Thorne Brandt
  • And more!!


Sunday April 7th, 2:00pm

What is this?

Dadlines is a free, monthly, continuous, experimental, open-mic show-and tell of your personal projects.


Deadlines help you actually do the thing. Without the structured limitations provided by contexts such as academia, your passions are competing with incessantly urgent external micro-demands and tantalizing dopamine-drip devices, it can be difficult to find the motivation to actually focus on what is actually important to you. Dadlines is meant to provide structure and incentives for starting and working on the projects that you have been putting off. Your presentation will help others, no matter how far along you are. The motivation for the Dadlines series is to help artists find tools, workflows, collaborators, feedback, and inspiration. Think of it as an artist support group. Your project is a part of this, even if it's just an idea.

What kind of stuff can I show?

We're a venue for digial art. We are expecting projects that are interactive, performative, playful, technological or experimental, but Dadlines is open to all mediums!

Does it need to be finished?

No. It is meant to show experimental works in progress.

Does it need to be good?

No! Same answer as above! We are all works in progress.

What if I have an idea but I don't have the required equipment?

We might be able to help. Mention this in your proposal!

What is the prompt?

Every month will have a loose prompt to help structure your specific project.
The first prompt is "inflate" like a thought bubble.
You only need to use this if you want to.

What should I expect?

You will be asked to give a brief demonstration (roughly ten minutes) of your project followed by a short Q&A. As a group, we will give you a personalized goal and a deadline to expand upon your project. Feel free to show up with just an idea.