About Us

Digital Art Demo Space (D.A.D.S.) is a new media gallery, maker-space, residence, and venue that specializes in showcasing games as art, interactive installations and audiovisual experiences. Located in Bridgeport, Chicago, our goal is to provide the community with exposure and access to up and coming technologies and new tools and approaches to art and Play. Our focus lies in merging a broad spectrum of diverging demographics and disciplines into novel remixed encounters.

TL;DR: We're nerds that like making stuff and playing with shiny things. You should stop by.


Proposals are accepted for single artists or groups for any number of uses for the space. You do not need to be the author of work to present it. Interactive work comes to the front of the line. (Performance, Screenings, Games, Workshops, Stand-Up Comedy, Improv, Lectures, Critiques/Debates, Music .) We will also accept static installations or two-dimensional work if they are experimental or involve technology and Play in some capacity.

Please send proposals in electronic format to info@dadschicago.com with a folder of images/videos or external links as well as a written description of the proposal and an artist statement, CV or Resume, ( if applicable ).

The space is also available for rentals.


Consider the following accessible facilities for your proposal

2500 sq. ft. - Wallspace - Kinect Powered Interactive Projection System - Modular Wall System - 50 Folding Chairs/Tables - 8'x3' Windows (Viewable From Train Platform) - 1080p stage projection screen - PA soundsystem (QSC)- Arduinos & Rasberry PIs for Robotics - Projection Mapping - Motion Tracking - Green Screen - Game Stations - acoustic MIDI triggers - 3d Printer - Lasers - Flood Ultraviolet Black Light - Smoke Machine - Various VR Headsets